Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Changing people’s traditional attitude” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.


Changing people’s traditional attitude



The contribution of women to the society is in no way less than that of men. But women in our society have become victims of gender disparity. They are being tortured in different are the working class of women. Women, generally work longer hours than men, but they are paid less than men. It is high time we recognized women as equal partners of men. Everybody especially, the young people should come forward to remove this disparity. The first thing what young people can do is that they should have a clear idea about the gender disparity. They should raise such consciousness among the girls that they can participate in the socio –economic development of the country. They should be made self- sufficient by giving them proper education and employment. They would also make the people realize that the role of women does not come to an end as a mother and a wife. A number of avenues are open before them. In this way the young people can change the traditional attitude of people regarding women.


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