Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Drug Abuse and Addiction in India” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Drug Abuse and Addiction in India


What is Drug Abuse and Addiction? Drug abuse refers to the habit of regular intake of illegal drugs characterized by mis-use of drugs. There is a thin-line of difference between Drug abuse and addiction. In case of drug abuse, the person may or may not be addicted to these harmful drugs. However, in case of drug addiction, the person is severely addicted to these drugs. Thus, drug abuse may often lead to drug addiction.


Problem of Drug Abuse and Addiction in India: Drug abuse and addiction is one of the great evils of our time. It has become a serious problem in India. Young and old alike everywhere are addicted to drugs. It has resulted in increased crime, tension, disease, horror and lack of peace and security.


The cities have attracted large number of youth who come in search of employment. Such people live a lonely and isolated life and become anti-social. They fall into evil company and get addicted.


The children who are deprived of the loving care and affection, and do not get right type of education are prone to be addicted to drugs.


In the beginning it comes as an escape from the monotony or drudgery of routine life, as an object of thrill, stimulation or excitement. Gradually the addicts depend more and more upon drugs. They develop a kind of madness. They add to the number of anti-social elements who disrupt peaceful social life.


Drugs are often smuggled from one country to another and sold through the agents and sub-agents who work secretly.


Causes: In India drug abuse has become wide-spread and a cause of concern for the people and the government. The major causes of drug abuse and addiction are given below:


It is to be noted that despair very often drives many to drug addiction. Students who remain far away from parents and guardians and live in hostels and messes become victims of addition.

Their keeping contact with bad company pushes them to be addicts. There is no proper direction, no goal or objective before young men and women to move forward and reach.

Our education is such that it does not prepare students to fit into life. Coming out of the schools and colleges, they find that they have no future, no prospects in life.

Remedial measures: Parents, teachers, educationists and governments should think how best to improve education, so that it brings a full development of the personality and teaches the essence of life and the art of decent living.


Moral instructions should form a part of teaching.

Mass media and voluntary organizations should do their best in the field and highlight the dangers of drug addiction.

The various drugs are capturing the market and holding young and old alike in their grip.

The Anti-Narcotic Squads and Drug Enforcement Agencies should work in a more vigilant manner to prevent drug trafficking and trade.

There should be more counseling centers and rehabilitation centers. Government and voluntary agencies should have co-ordinate efforts to addicted people and spread awareness against the great evil.

Police can play a great role to check smuggling and drug trafficking.

The constitutional provision about prohibition of intoxicating drinks and drugs must be strictly enforced by all State Governments in our country.

Conclusion: The radio, television and newspapers must come in with vigorous campaigns against drug abuse and addiction. Legislation alone cannot put an end to the evil practice.


An increased social awareness is the key to the solution of this problem. People are to realize that drugs are killers and rare to be killed. They must learn to say ‘No’ to drugs and save their families from ruin. Persuasion, and not compulsion, can bring good results.



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