Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Man does not live by bread alone” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Man does not live by bread alone


‘Man does not live by bread alone’. Man doesn’t live to eat, but eat to life. He is the most perfect creature of God. He is altogether different from other creatures because he has powers of thinking and reasoning.


Indeed, man is God-like in the exercise of his intellectual and spiritual powers. Moreover, unlike other creatures who struggle for procurement of food for their mere existence, the human beings have some inner significance of life and the procurement of bread and material gratifications are not the ultimate aim of their life.


Man can understand the principles of cause and effect. He lives for himself and for others. Even animals can feed their hunger. But, a man has the ability to rise above the materialistic world. A man who has no divine spark in him can make material comforts his primary concern in life. Such a man leads the life of an animal.


There is no denying that the man is guided by some instincts which are common to all animals. Thus, all men work hard so that they get food and shelter, but this is not all. Man transcends his animal instincts and aspires to become God-like in his spiritual powers.


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