Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Social effects of Drug Abuse” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Social effects of Drug Abuse


In our society, the menace of drug abuse and addiction is fast catching up the youngster and teenagers. Every day there are reports in the newspapers how the racket of drug traffickers are caught. There are international gangs operating in drug trafficking as it gives ready and big money.


There are other drugs which the addicts inject in their veins. There are outlets where such drugs are available by the backdoor. The addicts know their supplier.


The addiction to drugs is also a growing menace. It has negative effect on the mental and physical health of the individual. The drug addict is not looked upon with respect in the society.


One who gets addicted to it cannot do without it.

He gets badly upset if he does not get his dose and do anything to have the kicking dose.

People addicted to drugs have been found to be selling out everything to fulfill their urge – without their dose they lie listless and lost.

One got into the habit and the addiction, no inhibitions; no restraints can stop the addict.

They lose the joy of life in seeking this false ‘Kick’.

They lose money and health.

They often pilfer money from home or seek it by unlawful means.

Drug problem is the leading cause for the increase of violence in the society.

The drugs addict finds it tough to behave normally in social environment.

A person who abuses drugs loses his confidense and self-esteem.

Teen drug abuse: Teenage girls and boys easily fall a prey to such menaces, knowing not that they are risking their health and running their lives.


Young boys and girls who seek company outside their homes easily get caught by the drug dealers. Once caught, they become a part of the racket.




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