Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “ Handsome is as handsome does” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.

Handsome is as handsome does


The meaning of term ‘handsome is as handsome does? is that the deeds of a person is more important that his outer appearance. A person may be very handsome (or beautiful), but he will get love, respect and recognition in the society only if his actions display the traits of good character good qualities in his character.


A man is known by his actions, and not by the way he dresses himself. A tree is better known by its fruits; similarly man by his actions. Whatever charm a man’s outward appearance may have, his dark deeds make him look darker still.


It is not so much the looks, but the good deeds which endear a man to his fellow beings. Nobility of character and honest actions constitute true beauty. It has a lasting charm and it is universally applauded.


After all beauty is the lover’s gift and does not belong to a man who cherishes ill-will or evil designs. It is goodness and loving care that one bestows upon others which make him appear truly handsome.


However, commonplace a mother’s looks may be, to her son her affectionate and tender care make her look so angelic.


Indeed, to a casual observer, a good looking man may have some charm, but to keen observer he alone is handsome, who does good things to people.



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