Paragraph, Essay and Speech on “Humayun” Paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduate Exams.


After Babur’s death, his son and successor Humayun ascended the throne of Mughal Empire. He lacked the military talent and political wisdom of his father.

Immediately after his accession, Humayun was confronted with a number of enemies like Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, Sher Khan  (also known as Sher Shah Suri) of Bihar. Finally he was ousted by Sher Khan.

Humayun fled to Persia and took political shelter there. He, however, recovered his position in Delhi in 1555 following the disintegration of the Pathans. But, as ill luck would have it, he died in 1556 in an accident in his library.

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