CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Under Water Diving Bot (A Mechanical Device)” Theme “ Transport & Communication” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Under Water Diving Bot (A Mechanical Device)

Theme Name : Transport & Communication

Objective/Aim : This device is a Multi-Purpose Project, which can substitute work of sub-marine. Its primary aim is to carry instruments & device inside any water body & have a vital role in a specified field.

Scientific Principle Involved:

(1) The Third Law of Motion- This law is involved in navigation of the model.

(2) Principal of flotation- This law is involved in the flotation of the model at the surface level.

(3) Archimedes Principal- When body is wholly or partially immerged in a in liquid, it experiences a buoyant force which is equal to weight of liquid displaced by the object.

Material Required:

Plastic Containers, 3 Motors, copper wire, Aluminium Wires, Bulbs, Batteries, Switches, Plastic propellers, wireless Camera, Circuit Board, A Remote Controller with Remote frequency, Balloon, Silicon Gel, Glass Box, Straw & Clear tape.

Working Investigation/Findings: The model has three motors, which are its engines. Primary motor at centre and other two on either sides. The motors are placed in the Aluminium Wired plastic body, which has two air containers that make the model buoyant.

When primary motor (central motor) starts, it generates an upward force by the propeller. Working on Newton’s third law of motion, a downward force is generated against the upward force that allows the model to sink inside the water. The whole system is controlled by a wireless remote controller.

Utility and further scope of the Project: This model has the ability to hold many other devices and accessories that require further investigations in above mentioned areas.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the present model can be developed into one of the finest models ever made as it can be modified to work in different situations.

Name of the Schoo: Divine Public School, Ghaziabad.

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