CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “ Conversion of Mechanical Energy into Electrical ” Theme “Energy Resource & Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Conversion of Mechanical Energy into Electrical (Electro Breakers)


Theme Name : Energy Resource & Conservation



As there is crisis of resources, we came up with a unique idea of generating electricity from speed breakers through electromagnetic induction. As we know changes in magnetic flux result in electricity production. Therefore, we have utilized the same principle. We have
utilized movable bars of speed breakers (movable due to application of springs) attached with magnets underneath them. Another bar within this bar has coils of insulated copper wire. When a vehicle passes over the speed breakers, the magnets come in relative motion with the
coils, which generates current. The current generated according to our calculations is about 12.4W/ coil per second, resulting in huge amounts of current each day. This current can be used to light lamp posts and street lights.

The advantages are:

Current Generation in huge.

Eco-friendly, as no natural resources or organic substances are used.

Better than roller system of electricity generation of speed breakers because of its velocity dependency.

Can be easily implemented on existing systems.

Name of the School: Cambridge Court High School, Jaipur


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