English Short Story, Moral Story “Everyone Cares For His Ends” Story for kids, Primary Class,Class 9,Class 10 and Class 12

Everyone Cares For His Ends

Once a donkey and a dog met on a road. They both had to go in the same direction, so they became friends and traveled together. They had taken just a few steps when they saw a packet lying by the road-side. The dog picked up the packet and giving it to the donkey said, “Open it and read it out for me.

” The donkey did exactly what the dog had asked him to do. The packet turned out to be all about the things that donkey eat like grass, barley etc. the dog felt bored hearing what the donkey was reading out and said, “Turn over the pages and see if there is something about the things I am fond of such as meat, bones etc.

The donkey glanced through the entire packet but couldn’t find anything of the dog’s sort. The dog became sadder and asked the donkey to throw it away because he found the packet useless for him.


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