English Short Story, Moral Story “The Little Pine Tree” Story for kids, Primary Class,Class 9,Class 10 and Class 12

The Little Pine Tree

Once there grew a little pine tree deep in the forest. It had needles that were evergreen. Yet it was glum.

It said, “My needles are not as pretty as leaves. I wish I had golden leaves.”

Next morning, it found its wish had been granted. It had shining golden leaves. A man passing by saw the golden leaves and started plucking them. Soon the little pine tree was stripped bare.

It again said, “I was wrong. I wish I had glass leaves. They would look pretty and no one would steal them. “

The next morning the tree saw that it was covered with glass leaves. They sparkled in the sunlight and tinkled gently.

But along came a storm, and the glass leaves were all broken. Once more the little tree was bare.

Now it said, “Leaves of gold and grass are pretty. But I wish I had green leaves.”

Again its wish was granted and it was covered with pretty green leaves. But then a hungry goat came and ate up all the leaves.

“What a fool I’ve been!”, sighed the little pine tree. “My needles were the best for me. I wish I could have them back again.”

Fortunately, the little pine tree was granted its wish once again and it got back its pretty needles.




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