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A Play Staged In Our College

Our Principal is a great educationist. He is a social worker as well. He believes that drama has a social force. Every year some social play is staged. This year, he allowed us to stage Tagore’s well-known play Sacrifice.

Fortunately there are some teachers in our college who are first rate musicians. They began to help us. The stage was erected in one corner of our big hall. We had rehearsal for two weeks. When the actors were ready, we had the dress rehearsal and our Principal was fully satisfied.

Next day the college building was decorated. The college hall was well furnished. Bulbs of different colours were fitted on the stage. Curtains were hung. Printed hand bills were distributed. The rich and the intelligent of the town were invited.

There was a great rush. Every one liked to see Tauore’s play ‘Sacrifice’ being staged. The play-started with a talk by the Secretary of the Dramatic Association of the college. He welcomed the guests. Then the purdah was drawn and there was a chorus. The sweet melody captivated every heart. Then the play began.

The story of the play is very interesting. Tippera’s good king Govinda is a worshipper of Kali. Everyday goats were sacrificed before the image of Kali. One day a poor girl’s pet goat is sacrificed. She is deeply pained. She opens the eyes of the King who forbids the shedding of blood in the temple. The High Priest gets angry. He wants to have the King killed. He conspires first with a general and then with his own adopted son, Jai Singh The High Priest had declared that royal blood must be shed to please the angry goddess. Jai Singh obeys the priest. He kills himself instead of the King whom he loves dearly. He also had royal blood in him. The High Priest-is shocked for he loves Jai Singh much. In great anger he throws the image of Kali into the river. The story teaches us that Kali, the Mother, cannot be cruel. She never likes blood-shed.

The play was very successful. At the close, several medals were given to the best actors. The boy playing the role of Jai Singh received a reward of Rs. 500/- from the hands of a rich merchant. Our Principal was much pleased. Everyone was congratulating him at the success of the drama.


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