Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A Rainy Day” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

A Rainy Day


It was a day in winter. It was perhaps Friday, the 25th of November. We were expecting a cool day. But at about eight in the morning there was a dead stop in the wind. The weather became warmer. A few patches of clouds were seen in the sky.

At about ten the scene changed. Clouds became thicker. The wind began to blow harder. Lightning began to play. At times thundering was heard. Suddenly it began to rain heavily. Those who were in the streets took shelter in neighouring houses. Some were drenched to the skin. I saw a fat man walking through muddy streets. I its shoes were dirty and clothes wet. He was walking slowly and carefully. But he slipped and fell down. I could not help laughing. Father who had been reading a newspaper fell disturbed. He came to me and asked me the reason of my laughter. I pointed to the fat man. Father ran to him and helped him. He scolded me for my bad manners.

I was very happy. The college had closed. It kept raining for three hours. There was knee deep water on the main roads. There was thunder and hail. The wind had become piercing cold. In the evening the rain stopped. The sky became clear. Everything seemed to be washed clean. Children began to float paper boats. Some street boys were throwing mud balls over one another. There was a beautiful rainbow in the sky

Soon night fell. It was terribly cold. We sat around the fire and drank several cups of tea. The storm kept raging but my grandmother entertained us with a nice story. Soon we were called to the Dining Room. I ate as much as I could. The weather was very threatening. But I had enjoyed the day. In a cheerful mood I went to bed.

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