Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “A River in Flood” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

A River in Flood


Excess of everything is bad. Too much water in a river causes flood. Indian rivers are often flooded. Every year in the rainy season, we read in newspapers about the damages done by rivers. If it rains heavily for several days continuously, there is flood.-Floods are caused also by the melting of snow on mountains.

When a river is in flood both the banks overflow. Then villages, towns and cities lying near the river go under water. Trees, houses, crops, men, animals and valuables are washed away. Lives are lost. There is a cry for help. Relief parties are organised. Relief funds are opened. Subscriptions are raised. Rescue parties rush to the affected villages in boats. Every effort is made to save life and property.

But man is too weak before the fury of Nature. In a few hours there is only water and water. Those who have been rescued are brought to safe camps. Food, clothes and other necessaries of life are supplied by charitable person. Those who were rich once are left beggers. Flood is really a curse.

The effects of flood are lasting. After the flood there comes famine. Epidemics like cholera and malaria also break out. Fields become pools. Farmers are left without land. The problem of checking flood is a constant headache to the government. Our Government has been trying her best to check floods where possible. Dams and embankments have been made. The level of villages has been raised. The beds of rivers have deepened.

But man’s effort has proved use less hitherto. If we check flood at one place there is a flood at another. Water must have its natural course. However precautions are necessary. It is hoped that the Government and 11w public will make a joint effort to check flood. God holps those who help themselves.

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