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A Tragic Incident in Which I Was Caught


Fridays often bring troubles to me. One Friday I cut ay cu my finger with a blade. The other, I lost my book. But the worst was brought by the last.

My college is not far from my house. I walk on foot and it takes me not more than fifteen minutes to reach it. On Friday last, I took my meals at 9’a.m. I lay in my bed to rest for a few minutes.- Just then my sister came to me with a magazine. It contained a very interesting story. She asked me to read that in spare hours. But I started reading then and there. The story was so interesting that I forgot that I had to go to college. After reading the story I looked at the clock. It was five to ten. I jumped up and put on my clothes hurriedly. I took my cycle and started for the college. Hardly had I covered about a hundred yards when I saw that a child was crossing the road. It was in the danger of being run over by a tonga that was coming towards us. I quickened the speed and got down to save the child when the tonga was before us. With lightning speed, I turned towards my left with the baby in my arms. Just then a car reached there from behind. We would have been crushed down, if the driver had not applied the brakes. The car came to a stand still. But it had given me a push. I lay senseless with the baby safe on my breast. The driver picked us and took me to the Hospital near-by.

When I opened my eyes in the hospital after about three hours, I saw my father and the baby’s mother sitting by my bed. She was none else than the wife of father’s bosom friend. She was full of gratitude to me for having saved her baby.

My father was highly pleased for my timely service to the child.

Next day when I reached college, our Principal called me and patted me on my back. But still I have pain in my ‘back. Let me see what the future Fridays have in store for me.


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