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An Evening at a Picture Palace

I am not regular cinema-goer. I go ‘to see a picture once or twice a year. My parents are very strict. They allow me to see only educative pictures.

In the month of February last a religious picture Sampurna Tirth Yatra’ came to oue town. My parents decided to see the picture. They took me also with them.

We reached The Krishna Talkies exactly at 6 p. m. There was a great rush. I saw moslty old men and women there. My parents purchased three first class tickets. At 6.30 we took our seats. I was feeling lonely. But I thanked God when I saw my class fellow and friend, Ramesh, entering with his parents. He came to me and we sat together.

Exactly at seven the lights went off. The news reel started. Some advertisements were also shown. Then the real picture started. The picture brought two lovers before us—Uttam, a prince and Pinggla, a princess. They had decided to be united in marriage. But Shankracharya, a devotee of Lord Shiva, objected to that marriage saying that Pingala had been a bad woman in her previous birth. But the two were married inspite of his objection. Shankracharya cursed them and appealed to Lord Shiva that his curse must take effect. Pingala took up the challenge. She began to practice penance. She worshipped Goddess Parbati who got ready to help her. Now Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva began to help Shankracharya and their wives, Pingala. Narada Muni was playing off the two parties. At last Pingala won with the help of goddess Ganga. But she had to face many difficulties.

The picture showed us the various shrines and temples of India. We saw many fine scenes of Nature. The picture was very entertaining. I learnt the lesson that God helps those who help themselves. At 10.0 p.m. the picture ended. We returned home fully satisfied. Really it was a good picture.

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