Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Cinema-Its Advantages and Disadvantages” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

Cinema-Its Advantages and Disadvantages


Cinema is very popular today. Every Indian, young or old, likes to see pictures. There is hardly any city or town that has no picture house.

It has become popular because it has many advantages. It is the cheapest kind of recreation. It has a great educative value. We have lesson on History, Science, Hygiene and Geography in a very interesting manner. It brings before us all the social evils and we feel the need of reforms. Cinema thus is a great teacher, a great preacher and a great social worker. It gives us up-to-date information of events going on in the world. It is a fine way of advertisement. The government approaches the public through the pictures.

Every rose has its thorns Cinema also has its own evils. Mostly bad pictures are shown. The public wants cheap pictures. They like love stories, fight-scenes and sentimental pictures. So the producers produce only such pictures with a view to making much money. Most of them become habitual cinema-goers. They leave classes. They steal and borrow. They snatch away things at the point of knives and pistols. Thus the whole generation becomes corrupt.

Taking both the sides in view we can say that cinema has a great educative value But only good pictures should be shown. The censor board should make it point to see that obscene pictures are never released. In this way it will do us a good service.

There should be cinema houses attached to every institution in which educative films should be shown as aids to teaching. This will decrease the number of truants. It will reform their character and indiscipline will be removed.

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