Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Evils of Deforestation” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

Evils of Deforestation

Man loves nature. Forests are a vast source of natural beauty and wealth. The great sages chose to live and meditate among trees. They gained wisdom and became a beacon light for the world. Forests not only provide us wood and herbs that cure many diseases, they influence human life in other ways too.

It is unfortunate that as the population increased, frees began to be cut down ruthlessly for the purposes of livelihood and habitation. Its disasterous results were soon felt. Forest land is turning into barren land due to deforestation.

Deforestation has had its effect on the climate. Trees cool the rain clouds and cause rain. The cutting of frees results in irregular or scarce rainfall. Trees prevent the soil from being washed away. The soil erosion causes landslides leading to loss of human life and preperty. It is, therefore, our sacred duty to plant new frees and protect the old ones. They need proper care. The forest wealth has to be preserved. No doubt, the forest department is entrusted to protect them, it is a social responsibility as well. Realising the gravity of the problem, ‘Tree Plantation’ is a national cause and every citizen should plant atleast one tree in his life.

A national festival called ‘Van Mahotsav’ or ‘The Forest Festival’ was started in 1950. During this festival new trees are planted. Each state fries to achieve the target assigned to it. Tree plantation has been treated as a social service. The Chipko movement was started with the motive to protect frees from cutting down. If trees are cut thoughtlessly, the very existence of human life would be in danger. Let us protect trees and plant new trees as a gift to coming generations in the same manner as we have received them from our fore-fathers.


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