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Man’s Foot on the Moon


For a very long time in the past man had been dreaming of reaching the moon. The scientists of America and Russia had been busy in preparing for the ascent to the moon. On October 4. 1957 the world wondered to see the first Russian sputnik sailing in the space.

Since then many space travellers rounded the earth. It is not possible to count all the attempts. It is a history, vast and voluminous. Suffice  to say that man never relaxed his attempt to see his foot on the moon. He had failures. Difficulties discouraged him and people were losing hope of having the pleasure of inter-planetary travels.

The great wonder came on July 21, 1969 when Apollo-11 succeded in taking the three American astronauts Armstrong. Aldrin and Michael Collins to the moon. Appollo-11 had left the earth on July 16, 1969. The manless Luna-15, also reached the Moon after a travel of 19 hours and 33 minutes. This was a great success of the scientists, Mr. Collins remained in the craft Columbia. The Eagle took the other two Americans to the moon. The two returned after spending 21 hours, 36 minutes and 41 seconds on the surface of the moon. They brought rock pieces with them. Apollo-12 also reached the moon successfully but Apollo-13 failed.

The Russians also did not lag behind. They landed the vehicle ‘Lunakhod’ on the moon. It had no man. It moved on the surface of the moon from time to time. It sent valuable scientific data from there. On 6th December 1972, Apollo-17 was again successful in landing on moon. This time Harison S. Smith, A Ronald and Evans went to moon. Their journey ended on 19th December 1972. In this flight, the last rehearsal of landing man safely on the moon was performed. On 23rd June 1973, Dr. Joseph Carvin, Charles Conard and Paul Vitz, the three famous astronauts of the Skylab landed safely. They created new record by remaining for a month in the space.

Thus we find, the space travel is now becoming very common. Soon people living on the earth will spend their holidays on the planets.

Man’s foot on the Moon has brought many hopes. Man is now dreaming of colonising the planets. The population problem is going to be solved. The day is not far when space travel will be a common thing.

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