Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “My Plans for Future” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

My Plans for Future


Ambition and choice are two words with different meanings. Ambition is imaginary while choice is based on certain reasons. However, the meanings derived in some cases of the words ambition. and choice are the same. Now-a-days to choose a profession is not an easy task. It should be done with great care because the success of life depends upon the right choice.

I was keenly interested in Biology when I was a student of High school. My father is doctor. Ever since my childhood. I wanted to become a doctor to serve mankind. The first and foremost duty of a doctor is to serve humanity. He should have a sympathetic attitude. A doctor spends his time, energy and skill to cure the sick, in preventing diseases and soothing pain. He must be ready to extend his service at any time. In fact, a doctor is the servant of suffering humanity. That is why on my father’s advice I have selected this profession for myself In the light of above merits, I am keen to adopt this profession.

After passing Intermediate, I shall go to Lucknow to attend coaching classes for C.P.M.T. I am confident that I shall be selected in my first attempt. Then I shall be admitted to I year class of M.B.B.S. After taking my degree of M.B.B.S., I shall be bound to serve in any rural area for at least two years. Then I have .decided that I shall start my own clinic in my town. My ambition is to give relief to the .ailing people and a ray of hope to the disappointed people, Life is the sole right of God. Man cannot give life to the dead. He can only relieve him from pains. So, I will do my best in this field.

I shall charge no visiting fee from the poor people. Poor people who are unable to pay money, shall get medicines free from my clinic. Once a week I shall go to a village. I shall examine the patients free of charge and give them medicines there. I shall also advise them how they can keep their village clean and how they can get rid of diseases. In the same way, twice a week I shall go to different localities of my town in the evening. I shall call on the people and tell them about causes of different diseases and the secret of good health. I may attach myself with some social service organisation to serve the people free of cost.

I have decided that I shall satisfy all the patients with my sympathetic attitude, gentlemanly manners, Kind and loving behaviour, keen observation, testing and the best prescription and guidance.


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