Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Newspapers or the Importance of the Press” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

Newspapers or the Importance of the Press

Reports from four directions—North, East, West and South were given the name, ‘News’. Each letter stands for one direction. The paper on which reports were written , were called ‘Newspapers’. But these days newspapers give not only news but views also. We find comments and criticisms in them. We find, good articles and poems.

Newspapers are very useful in the modern times. They supply us mental food. They play an important part in our national and international life. They tell us what is going on in the world. They entertain us with humorous remarks. They create a taste of study.

The newspaper are good means of advertisement. They are very helpful to businessmen. Everyday they give us the rates of things. They supply us with information on all matters—social, political, commercial of educational. The magazine section is very helpful to students and scholars.

The Government knows public opinion through newspapers. These papers contain the criticism of Government servants and her policy. They are helpful in checking corruption and tyranny. They keep the public informed of the modern discoveries and inventions.

Through newspapers we come to know of other countries. We begin to sympathise with the people of those countries. If there is flood or any other trouble in any country of the world, people know it through newspapers and try to help. Newspapers give the views of the party to which they belong. In this way they make a public opinion. Thus we see that the press has a great power.

But sometimes newspapers make mischief also. They give wrong or half news. They mislead people. They hide the truth. They fan communal feeling such newspapers should be banned. To know the real position we should read two or three papers everyday. It is always wise to read several papers daily.

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