Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Some Evils in Our Society” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

Some Evils in Our Society

Man is a social being. He lives only in a society. Isolate him and he feels punished. But the society he lives in must be healthy and happy. Unfortunately in India our social life suffers many defects. It needs complete overhauling.

People do not like change. They oppose reforms. They talk of the good old days. But they must move with the time. Their mental outlook is narrow. They need liberal education. Illiteracy must go. There must be compulsory and free education. Every women must be educated. Purdah system must go. Every woman must enjoy the freedom of movement, thought and action.

Marriages are problems. Child marriage must be stopped. Old age marriage should be discouraged. Polygamy is a curse. Dowry system must be banned by law. Money-hunting parents must be heavily punished. Marriage ceremonies should be simplified.

The whote society is suffering from corruption and adulteration. Everyone knows how simple villagers are cheated and harassed in courts, in fairs and in markets. Pure milk is not available. Pure ghee is a thing of the past.

Indian village suffer from many social ills. Superstition has made its home there. Windows are neglected and despised. Every simple man is harassed on the occasions of births, marriages and deaths be mullahs, Pandits and priests.

People should be taught to live neat and clean. They must have civic sense. The morals and manners of people should be improved. They must not be selfish, showing deceitful and treacherous. They must have a kind and sympathetic heart. They should have fellow feeling and should be ready to help others. For this, social reforms are very necessary. Let all men and woment join hands in this sacred task.



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