Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Problem of Unemployment” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

The Problem of Unemployment


The whole world is facing today the problem of unemployment. Unemployment means lack of work for those who wish to work. It means compulsory leisure to some, when others are over-worked. So by wise adjustment work can be found for all. If the work of the overworked be divided among the unemployed the problem will be solved to a great extent.

In India this problem is more serious. There is unemployment among the agriculturists, the industrialists and educated class. It is easy to engage a clerk than a domestic servant. It is difficult to find healthy men willing to put in hard labour.

There are many reasons for this. The population is growing rapidly. The factory system is killing cottage industries. So manual workers find no job. The system of education is defective. It produces only clerks. India is a land of agriculture, but none wants to be a farmer. In society, farmers are looked down upon. So there is rush for Government service in some city or town. Parents sent their sons to schools and colleges. They hope that after finishing their studies their sons will get service. So there is rush of candidates before every office. Every body cannot get service. So some remain unemployed.

Our government is trying to solve this problem. Technical and vocational colleges are being opened. Cottage and handloom industries are being encouraged. Every effort is being made for family planning. Irrigation and multipurpose projects are multiplying fast.

But still much is to be done. The number of unemployed persons is very high. We all know that unemployed persons are dangerous persons. They take to evil practices. Hungry people can do anything. Theft, robberies, murders are mostly due to unemployment. An idle mind is Dvil’s workshop. So this problem should be solved at the earliest. No prosperity is possible, if people are unemployed.

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