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The Sweet Dream I Ever Saw


Dreams are no realities. They are the product of a disturbed mind. Sometimes we have dreams which are really very sweet. Below is the description of a sweet dream.

Two years back I had a dream of the kind. It was the month of April. I was appearing at the High School Examination. After preparing the History of India the whole day. I went to sleep at about eleven in the night. Towards the morning hours I had a dream.

I dreamt I was a Maratha prince. I had a strong army under me. I was inspecting the soldiers. They gave me a Military salute. My forces marched against the Muslim fort of Aurangabad. The fort was well fortified. I knew that a siege would be useless. So I decided to take it by surprise. I ordered the army to retire and wait for my orders in a forest. I took twenty young soldiers with me. We disguised ourselves as Mughals, coming from Delhi with secret orders from Aurangzeb. We were given a very warm reception, We gave out that the Mughal aid was at hand and the Marathas were to be crushed for good. There were rejoicing in the fort. None suspected us.

When Gauhar Banu, the chiefs daughter-in-law came to pay me a visit, I was simply charmed to see her beauty. Never on earth had I seen such a charming beauty. The very minute I felt that such a women must be in some Maratha Camp. But the figure of Shiva came before my eyes, My thoughts changed, I cried, “sister! I cannot be false to a women. I am not a Mughal. I am a Maratha. We are going away’. With these words I left the fort in hot haste. My last words were “Sister, I will help you whenever you are willing to have the help of a Maratha brother. Sister, good bye!”

I would have said something more when my younger sister pulled my shawl and cried. “Brother, it is broad day-light Get up. You have to go for the examination” I woke up with the word “Goodbye, sister.” Really it was a sweet dream. I knew that it was the gift of the history of the Marathas.

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