Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “If I Were a Millionaire” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

If I Were a Millionaire


Winning a Lottery


I am the son of a poor clerk. My father lives from hand to mouth. I never saw even five thousand rupees in my home. Several times I purchased lottery tickets also. But fortune never favoured me. However I am free to make my plans. I am giving below my plan.

If by the grace of God I ever become the master of a million rupees. I would get the title of a “millionaire”. I would then do the following things:—

First of all I would build a small library of good books. Then I would build a small house of my own. I shall have a small garden attached to it in which I shall have nice flowers and fruit trees. Then I shall pass for a wealthy man. People would come for help and advice. It is difficult to help every one. But I shall not fail to help those who are really in need. I shall help the orphanages. I shall try to help the widows who are treated badly by their daughters-in-law. I shall open adult schools for such widows. When educated. I shall get them employed. Thus they will become self reliant. 1 shall help the sick. I shall provide them, with medicine.

I shall start cottage industries in which I shall employ only the weak and the infirm. In our country the lot of a retired man is very miserable. None cares for them. A few get pensions but that is insufficient. Most of them have to lead a very miserable life. Nobody cares for the man who is out of employment. I shall help the unemployed also.

But I shall improve my agriculture. This will save me from becoming a pauper again. If God wishes to take service from an earnest man like me. I hope. He will make me a millionaire some day. I believe God helps those who help themselves. I shall do my best to become a millionaire some day.

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