Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “The Value of Discipline” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.


The Value of Discipline


Discipline is a training to lead a regulated life and to obey the elders. In discipline there is a force of habit. Orders are carried out without asking useless questions. Disciplined soldiers know that they should obey their commanders and have no right to challenge them.

Every civilized society is built on the foundations of discipline. Where there is no discipline, there is disturbance. Discipline is as useful in our life as a rudder in a ship. It is needed in every walk of life. It is needed at home, in schools and colleges and even in public life. Every child must be taught its importance. It is a bitter pill no doubt, but it is very useful. An indisciplined child never rises high. All great persons in history have been disciplined children.

No home can be peaceful and happy without it. If the members are not disciplined, the family will break up sooner or later. The family whose members are unruly never prospers.

No less important is discipline in schools and colleges. Students should be kept in control. They must obey their teachers and professors. Discipline removes vices as scissors prune the plant.

In administration also discipline is equally important. Every government must have just laws and law abiding people. The servants must be disciplined, otherwise the government cannot work smoothly. There is only chaos and disorder in the office where the subordinates begin to disobey the officers.

Discipline is badly needed at this hour when there is so much indiscipline in the temples of learning. We are making a New India, a Happy India and a Strong India. We have to be very disciplined to be successful in our aim.

India is surrounded by enemies. We need a strong and disciplined army. We can defend our country only when there is peace and peace is possible when there is discipline.


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