Essay, Paragraph, Speech on “Women and Social Service” English Essays for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 Class and Graduation Exams.

Women and Social Service

In free India women have the same political, social and economic rights as men have. They are no more treated as inferiors. There are so many examples. Mrs. Indira Gandhi is our beloved Prime Minister, Vijay Lakshmi Pandit has been the President of the U.N.O. The women of India have always been famous for service and sacrifice. It is why they have been able to do more in a short time than their sisters in other countries. Women are more fit for social service than men. They are the incarnation of Ahimsa, the very picture of love. They can change the society by filling the milk of human kindness in their children. The lap of mother is the first and the best school of every human being.

Women is the maker of man. Let her make man real human being. A lady teacher does more than a male teacher. The nurses and lady doctors are doing service to the suffering humanity.

Most of the social ills shall go if women work sincerely. We all know the life story of Florence Nightingale. Let our mothers and sisters come forward and reform the society. No mother should be ready to many her child too early. No girl should give her hand to the youth whose parents demand dowry. Indian women are too cultured to ignore men. But if men do not take steps. the time is coming when our sisters will take the lead.

Educated girls should approach the illitrate women in villages and reform them. Women can render every service in society. Mahatmaji believed that the warring world of today badly needs the nectar of love which only women can give. Let our sisters come out and reform the society.

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