My Neighbour Essay for Students, Short essay 150 words.

My Neighbour

I live in Dwarka, New Delhi. It is a newly constructed colony of the city. My house is situated near the market. We have neighbours of all kinds. They belong to different castes and religions.

My next-door neighbour is an officer. He is hardworking and helpful. He is reputed man in my locality. He is soft-spoken and kind-hearted. He is cultured and polite. He wears neat and clean clothes. He is fond of walking and playing Badminton. He has two sons. His elder son is of my age. We go to school together. He is my class fellow. His name is Rohan.

Rohan’s mother loves me very much.

If we want to live happily and peacefully as good neighbours, we should overlook the weaknesses of one another and small issues. We should appreciate the good qualities of our neighbours.

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