Myself Essay for Students, Short essay 170 words.



My name is Rita. I read in the seventh class. I am twelve years old. I live in Greater Kailash. My house is situated opposite the market. My father is a manager in a company. My mother also works in an office. There are four members in our family. My elder brother studies in class ninth.

I am good in studies. I stood first in class sixth. I got a prize for standing first in the class. I play Badminton every day. I am a good player of Table Tennis also. I play in the evening. There is a big park in front of my house.

I am fond of gardening. I am also fond of reading story-books. I help my mother in kitchen. I can prepare tea. I always speak the truth. I polish my shoes every day. I help the students in studies. I am the monitor of my class. I do not quarrel with any one. I am working hard for my next examination.

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