A Rainy Day Essay for Students, Short essay 280 words.

A Rainy Day

A large part of India’s population depends on Agriculture. Around 70% India’s population is living in villages, depending on Agriculture. Our harvests depend on rains. The summer season in India is very hot. People wait for the rains eagerly.

When the rain clouds hover in the country’s sky, they present a very attractive sight. Usually rains start from Mid-June or early July in Delhi and continue till mid-September.

It was the middle of July. Suddenly dark clouds gathered in the east. A cool breeze began to blow. There was thunder and lightening. Soon heavy rain started. Since it was the first heavy rain of the season, I felt very happy. I put my bag aside and sat down in the covered balcony to enjoy the rain.

The rain continued for one hour. It was first shower of the season. After a heavy rainfall, the low-lying areas and streets turned into streams. There was water and water everywhere. This heavy downpour had disturbed the traffic on the roads. Children were very happy. They got a golden chance to play in the rainy water. They splashed it at each other and floated their paper boats in the streams.

The trees and plants began to shine after a bath in the rain. Birds, beasts and all other living beings were happy. In the park, I saw a peacock dancing with his beautiful coloured feathers spread like a fan. I felt very proud of our national bird.

That day I did not go to the market and stayed home enjoying the heavy showers. I requested my mother to fry some bread-pakoras. I felt so refreshed and delighted as never to forget that rainy day.

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