An Ideal Boy Essay for Students, Short essay 210 words.

An Ideal Boy

An Ideal Boy Essay

An Ideal Boy Essay

Everyone has an ideal person. One follows one’s ideal according to the best of one’s abilities. Since I am a student, my ideal is my friend Rohit. He is a treasure of good qualities. He keeps himself away from the company of bad boys. He is a good student and a very agile sportsman. All teachers love him. He also has great leadership qualities. He is a good debator and a very good stage artist of my school-drama-society.

An ideal student always speaks truth. He should be obedient to his elders and affectionate to his youngsters. Simple living and high thinking, such a student must always be very good at studies. I find all these qualities in Rohit. He is never proud of his abilities. Heis very humble and meek.

Rohit is really a model for all of us. I also want to become like Rohit. He is healthy and intelligent. All of us should try to live up to our ideals. An ideal shows us the way. Following Rohit in these qualities, one day I hope to be even a better student like he is. This I can achieve by constant effort and hard work. All of us must develop our ideals and follow them.

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