CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Biodiesel from Chicken Feather Meal” Theme “Energy Resource & Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Biodiesel from Chicken Feather Meal


Theme Name : Energy Resource & Conservation



Production of biodiesel from chicken Feather meal by using process transsterification with the help of method and KOH/NAOH. Chicken feather meal is a type of meal which is prepared from poultry waste such as feather, bone etc. by processing them under high temperature
and pressure. Initially fat is extracted from chicken feather meal by heating the mixture of chicken feather meal and water at 700 C, the extracted fat is then purified after the purification of fat is done. The processed mixture is allowed to settle down, the substance that settles down is collected as glaring and then the purification and haracterization of residue left behind settling tank (biodiesel) is done and the process ends with attaining BIODIESEL. Biodiesel obtained from this method can effectively act as substitute to diesel and can be directly used in diesel engines with little or without any modifications. Biodiesel is non toxic biodegradable and has high flash point.

Name of the School: S.B.P. D.A.V. Cent Public School, Fatehabad (Haryana)


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