CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Childhood Obesity – An Action Research ” Theme “ Health” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Childhood Obesity – An Action Research

Theme Name : Health

Our investigatory project is on “Childhood Obesity” – an emerging menace.
Our hypothesis – obesity is mainly a consequence of life-style problems. To confirm the above, an action research was done on a total of 500 students, 300 from a private school, and 200 from a government school by calculating their BMI and knowing more about factors like
income groups, food habits and school activities of the children.

Our findings – 30% students were overweight or obese in private school, 0% obesity in government school. An action program was organized for 20 randomly selected obese children, which included workshops, aerobic session etc.

Indigenous Gym: a machine cum gym which accommodates three students at the most, for fighting thigh, shoulders hip and abdominal fat all at once.

Chemical Glucometer – It is an innovative chemical method to measure the amount of glucose in the blood in a quantitative manner.

Name of the School: Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Ashok Vihar Phase III

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