CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Generation of Electrical Energy” Theme “Energy Resource & Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Generation of Electrical Energy from Mechanical Energy Using the Indian Railways.


Theme Name : Energy Resource & Conservation



Installing a small circuit with the acre of the train can help to change a parallel plate capacitor using the formula: –q = Ec (I-e –t/Rc), I = E/R (e-t/Rc) These charged capacitors can be exchanged in station with uncharged ones and can effectively provide electricity to village households where electricity has not yet reached by charging batteries and inverters.

Time taken to charge a capacitor:- 12 hrs by 120 K J

Power provided in 12 hrs :- 97.2 KW

Efficiency (minimum)= 81% [can be increased with rectification]

Cost per installation (of high quality product with min 5 yrs guaranteed)=Rs. 15000 (Max.)

Energy production 5 years – 70956 KWH

Cost of electricity produced (in 5 years) taking Rs. 5 per unit = Rs. 3,55,780

Profit (from each installation) = Rs. 3,40,780

Profit (from each installation) = Rs. 3,40,780

Portability = very high as transported with train (no cost extra need)

Energy produced as a byproduct. Does not hamper speed of train.

At least – 40 such circuits can be installed in a train.

Name of the School: Hem Sheela Model School

Name of the School: The Aditya Birla Public School


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