CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “ Green – Aero Technology” Theme “Energy Resource & Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Green – Aero Technology

Theme Name : Energy Resource & Conservation


As we know that our natural resources are depleting day by day thus we need to find the renewable sources of energy in its most effective way, so that we would be able to live in comfort. Our research began with an observation. The noise- be it discotheques, transportation and travelling vehicles or airport runways; some or the other way noise
pollution is there, hampering our eardrums and giving all of us various health hazards. Jet planes while landing and taking off create lot of noise pollution which has significant illeffects on our eardrums. We decided to convert this sound energy and the wind energy produced by the air planes in a useful manner so that they won‟t be harmful for us and we would be able to help us in using the renewable resources effectively. We decided to place some high sensitive tribunes underground in the in the grass fields at the side of the runways,
so whenever the wings of the plans containing engines came over these grass fields during takeoffs or landings, due to high speed air release the wind mills would rotate producing electricity that would be sent to a power house for conversion and may be supplied to the airport. We used sound magnets just at the border of the runways which will absorb the high frequency sound created by planes while landing, these sound waves are again sent to the power house, generating the power hence making a small but important move towards creating a self-reliant airport .

Name of the School: St. Xavier International School, Bhubaneswar


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