CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “ Janatha A.C (Air Cooled) Coach” Theme “ Transport & Communication” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Janatha A.C (Air Cooled) Coach

Theme Name : Transport & Communication

Objective/Aim: To provide comfort and hygienic conditions is Railway compartments
Scientific Principle Involved: Evaporation causes reduction in temperature

Material Used: Cardboard, Paper, Water Colours

We have observed that there is gap of 10 cms between the outer iron casing and interior panel. This space is provided to the shutters of the windows and also to reduce inside temperature.

We plan to cut the outer iron casing and install a porous membrane between outer iron casing and interior panel. Above the porous membrane we run a water pipe with holes. Below the membrane a channel is placed to collect the excess water to the reservoir placed beneath the compartment. This water is circulated again into the water pipe with the help of a pump which is connected to the wheels placed beneath the compartment.

By providing flaps outside, the outside hot dry air is dragged into the compartment when the train is moving. This hot air as it travels through the porous membrane the water droplets in the membrane evaporates and the temperature of the air decreases considerably, hence, cool air flows into the compartment. This cool air is circulated into every part of the compartment by the fans. This working is similar to the air coolers at our house.

The waste collected in the dustbins can be removed by opening a door provided outside the compartment.

Name of the School: Vidyanjali Upper Primary School, East Godawari (A.P.).

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