CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “ Mathematical Modelling in Solid Waste Management” Theme “ Mathematics Modelling” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Mathematical Modeling in Solid Waste Management


Theme Name : Mathematics Modelling


Objective: To design a mathematical model for most appropriate calculation of waste disposal cost and explanation of interparametric linkages along with comparison of potentiality and suitability of a particular methodology for a set of condition.

Scientific Principle: Management of solid waste depends on type and quantity of waste generated.



Materials Used: A container, PVC pipes, submersible pump (6 volt), wire, switch, sand compost, liner, paper, colours, plywood, clay (Waste material was used wherever possible)

Findings: Through our investigation, we found that total MSW produced in Indore I around 800 MT which is a mixed waster as no segregation is done at source. The waste is collected & sent to MSW processing plant where it is mechanically shorted & used for producing RDF & compost. The unprocessed material is dumped in open landfill or burned in open.
Recommendation for effective, economical & eco-friendly solid waste management:


1. Encourage locals to reduce the quantity of waste generated.

2. Emphasize on segregation of waste at source.

3. Door to door collection of waste.

The South Indian Cultural Association Sr. Sec. School, Vijay Nagar, Indore


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