CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “My Learning Bench” Theme “Information and Education Technology” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : My Learning Bench


Theme Name : Information and Education Technology

Aim: To make a system for visually impaired student, whichhelps to provide education to them which is at par with the technological developments being done in the education system nowadays and also to promote ‘Inclusive Education’?

Scientific Principle: A micro controlled circuit programmed in such a way so that it is capable of generating Braille code for alphabets depicted by driving the motors and depiction of figure felt by the heating of resistors.

Introduction: The major problem faced by students is that they are not benefited by the technological developments in the field of education. So to bridge the gap between the resourcefulness of technological developments in education sector for both the set of students we have tried to build a system that helps the visually impaired set to be benefited by the developments.

Material Required: PCBs-Printed Circuit Board, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, LEDs, Transistors, LCD, IC-TTL MAX 232, IC-ULN 2803, Opto Couplers IC-89S52 (Micro processor), Motors, Switch.

Working Investigation/Finding: Whenever visually impaired are to be taught the input is selected from the PC, which is fed to TTL Max 232 through serial port. The output TTL max 232 is fed as parallel input to micro controller which provides output through its four ports.

The micro controller is programmed with the HEX code which is acquired by compiling the controlling program written in embedded CinKeil Compiler. The code is so written that based on input provided, the micro controller activates its ports and pass on the appropriate output to specific output device.


A Visual Basic code is written which transfers the data through the serial port to the circuit.The circuit consists of Microcontroller, which is programmed using the Universal Programmer with the Hex Code which controls the output of the system.

The Micro controller and other components are attached together as shown in the circuit.The Microcontroller gets a serial input from the computer through IC MAX232.

Utility and Future Applications:

It can be linked with E-learning.

It can help in developing Touch Notepad for visually impaired.

Name of the School: Queen’s Valley School, Sectkor-8, Dwarka, New Delhi.

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