CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Organic Chemical Capsule” Theme “ Agriculture and Food Security” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Organic Chemical Capsule


Theme Name : Agriculture and Food Security




Concept: Synthetic Fertilizers are concentrated chemical preparation of inorganic or organic Nitrogen salts. The manufacture of which is based on non-renewable fossil fuel. Bio-fertilizer are made of living micro – organism that can absorb Nitrogen from atmosphere during their growth. Chemicals adversely affect soil texture but Bio-fertilizers improve Soil Texture. Higher doses of chemical fertilizers are tonic whereas Bio-fertilizers have no tenacity. Bio fertilizers are cheaper than synthetic fertilizers, but increase the production level and enhance the nutritional content of the soil if they are used in controlled doses. Two gelatin capsules (big & small) of different solubility are taken and used in an integrated manner known as “Double capsule”. The bigger (outer capsule) is filled with bio-fertilizers, e.g. Rhizome, dried blue-green algae, Mazola etc. The inner capsule is filled with chemical fertilizers, e.g. super phosphate, potash etc.

The focal points are that, this product –

a) Is very eco-friendly

b) Is very cost effective

c) Increases productions level

d) Never leads to soil and water pollution

e) Reduces the use of fertilizers

f) Improves the acidic and alkali nature of the soil.

Name of the School: DAV Public School, Sadananda Vihar, Derhampur, Odisha


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