CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “ Revolutionary Car” Theme “ Transport & Communication” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Revolutionary Car

Theme Name : Transport & Communication

Aim: The aim of this project is to launch an electric stander car in the market to reduce pollution. If this project is commercialized in India alone, this will save fuel of around RUPEES 200 CRORES per day and will easy the daily travel of a poor and middle class man working far from their place to earn money. The main objective is to reduce the pollution from the atmosphere.

Material Required: Four grid tyres, Long axle, 2short axle, ½ Kg Screws,½ Nut bolts,4 Ball bearings, Steering Rod, 3 Shocker, Chassis, Motor 48 Volt DC, Brushless,48 Volt battery,12 V each (4 battery),Steering Handle, Steering Bearing, Accelerator Wires, Brake Bearing, 2 Disc Brake, 2 Disc Brake bus, Wooden ply board, 2 Single gears, Chain, long steering rod, Aluminium pipe, Cycle seat, 1 Transformation handle, 3m Wire, Fuse, Spray paints, Berger Paints, Dash board shiner, Welding pipes, Elevating stand.

Principle: The principle of this car is to run a vehicle with a ‘green technology’, as it decrease exhaust emissions.

Working: There are 3 batteries connected in series of 12v each from positive terminal of battery to positive terminal of motor, negative terminal of battery to dual sided switch, and the other termina of dual sided switch with battery. We have attached electric motor of 48V with chassis of the car running with 2750 rounds per minute (rpm), which brushless and heavy duty motor.

There is small gear attached on the pulley of the motor, another big gear is attached on the rare axle, the chain is put over both the gear’s. As the rare axle is attached to the two tires which give power to the car and runs the car.

Future Scope: This concept if launched commercially in the market, could turn out to be revolutionary. It is not only energy efficient but also affordable proving a boon for common man, its maintenance charge is negligible.

Name of the School: Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

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