CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Sensing natural disaster condition immediately” Theme “ Transport & Communication” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Sensing natural disaster condition immediately

Theme Name : Transport & Communication

Aim: The main aim of our project is to make transport on mountains safer by sensing natural disaster condition immediately and communicate the same to prevent human and property loss.

Principle: Our project follows “EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY” as a combination of hardware and mechanical interface.

Components: 7-segment display, 89s52 microcontroller, electronic hooter, 3 magnetic field sensors, 3 permanent magnets, electric massager, wooden plank, etc.


Three permanent magnets have been placed in contact with mountains and three magnetic sensors put at three different levels. There are high, low and medium indicator bulbs. As the mountain is declined, the topmost magnetic sensor detects the change in magnetic field and sends signal that lights up the first bulb. With further declination of the mountain, lower magnetic sensors come into action and respective bulbs glow accordingly.

Our project works on microcontroller 89s52. An electronic siren is also connected with the controller for loud sound alert when any disaster occurs.

This project comes via two circuits on two boards. The first circuit is designed around a PIC16F628A. The second circuit uses a PIC12F629 to produce a 2-Digit Up/Down Counter.

Both the circuits use “In Circuit Programming” via PICkit-2. The experimenter PC Board shows the five “In Circuit Programming” pins and a diode on the positive rail to drop the 6 volts supply to 5.4 volts. The board also has a 100n surface mount capacitor and two surfacemount transistors. The Up/Down buttons have 22k resistors.

Future Scope:

Our system can have technical interface with GSM and RF networks for immediate communication to nearby people.

Convex mirrors should be installed at blind turns on mountain roads to provide visibility of traffic coming from other side.

Name of the School: SMCP Sanskar Vidya Bhawan, Bharuch.

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