CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Substitute to Conventional Electric Cars” Theme “Energy Resource & Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : A more Eco-friendly Substitute to Conventional Electric Cars


Theme Name : Energy Resource & Conservation



Nowadays, we think electric cars are „green‟ but they contribute to the problem of e-waste due to their components like DC controllers which contain harmful chemicals like Nickel, cadmium so, we have invented an electric car, Eco-e which produces zero e-waste and is more efficient than existing ones and is in the process of getting patented. It boasts of
innovations like:

1. Transmission – cum – differential system (full resource usage)

2. Linear steering mechanism. (reduces turning radius and driver effort)

3. City mode and highway mode(for providing speed gradient/ difference on highways and congested roads)

4. Ergonomically place reverse and front direction selectors easy for drive placed where gear shifter is in normal car

5. Rheostat for acceleration (zero e-waste)

6. Dynamo constantly charging vehicle while driving (driver can choose extent of charging via selecting gear format variable transmission between motor and dynamo)

7. Cooling cum turbo charging system.(for cooling motor and other heated-up units thereby vaporizing the coolant and using the steam to provide higher speeds at motor like a turbocharger ensures no energy loss.

Name of the School: Amity International School, MayurVihar, Delhi


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