CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, Theme “Community Health & Environment” Project “Nirogya” for Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Nirogya


Project Theme: Community Health & Environment

Under Theme: Sensitising people to be careful in health matters explore the possibilities and make use of the facilities available.

Objective/Aim: To sensitise the people regarding health and to motivate them to organise

Scientific Principle Involved: To survey the given community and look for the local health related problems. Making task force on the basis of analysing the problems and to sensitize and mobilise people to actively take part in eliminating the problems.

Material used: Pamphlets, charts, cardboards and the data collected from the various medical camps, previous projects run by the government and the local bodies.

Working: The working will be in the following sequence.

1. Collecting data from the given localities by conducting survey and meeting the local leaders of the village.

2. Analysing the data and reports and to frame the basic problems where the attention is required.

3. Meeting the villagers and the local authorities for estimating the social and generic problem of the area.

4. Making a task force and pooling the resourceful persons from the village.

5. Executing the program in various interactive forms thus by sensitising, mobilising the villagers and available resources.

6. Creating awareness by road show, Signature campaign, Cycle Rally, Speech, Quiz in local government run schools and in the village locality and to increase people participation for the success of the project.

7. Time to time meeting of the task force and to audit the working of the

9. Taking the feedback and improving the working methodology so as to create an autonomous body to look after the health and basic needs by the villagers.

Utilty and furthure scope of the prioject: The project is an excellent example of working by the cooperation and creating a self help group, it can not only change the health features of the villagers but can create an enormous confidence and motivation to plan and execute a project without any external support and with minimum available resources. themselves to create a better medical healthcare system with the available resources.

Name of the School: The Aditya Birla Public School, Gulbarga, Karnataka.

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