CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, Theme “Community Health & Environment” Project “Wheat Grass: a wonder grass” for Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Wheat Grass: a wonder grass


Project Theme: Community Health & Environment

Objective/Aim: Main objective behind the model is to create awareness among the people of society to improve their health and boost their energy just by having wheatgrass juice which has a magical healing power and is the abundant source of vitamins and minerals. It will help by improving the health status of our society and the economy too as “Healthy country men can only make a wealthy nation”

Scientific Principle Involved: It is based on the research studies that simple wheatgrass juice extracted from the wheatgrass of 7 to10 day’s as it contain maximum amount of liquid chlorophyll, vitamins ,minerals etc. This is why it acts as super food as it has immense curative power.

Working Investigations/Finding: Case studies have been done which showed the remarkable healing power on many diseases by taking wheatgrass juice.

Utility and further scope of the project: It has unlimited &immense future scope as it is a super food it can fight the malnutrition as it act is supplementary food as it is cheap, no maintaince,no education required anybody can grow and have it. It will help the community &society to disease free, healthy and in turn a great manpower can be generated for the country

Name of the School: India International School, Mansarovar, Jaipur.

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