CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Tripod R C Helicopter” Theme “Disaster Management” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Tripod R C Helicopter [TRI-COPTER]

Theme Name : Disaster Management


The tripod RC Helicopter is a design modified to make remote control technology in Helicopters much better and apt to be put to use in Disaster Management. Applications – The tripod RC Helicopter is a device which works not only in a particular time of disaster but it can work in all three basic phases of a disaster as- Pre-Disaster: It can be used as a warning system over area.

During Disaster: it can serve as inter-agency coordination device and agency to victim communication.

Post-Disaster: Tricopter can help agencies in variety of ways.

It can be used to aerial-survey the disaster sight.

It can enter a collapsed structure through small cracks and voids to efficiently survey the area.

It can survey structure and send photographs.

Advantages over RC Helicopter (Conventional)

Absence of tail allows smoother handling and safer flight.

Symmetrical design increases stability.

Has more power in a compact size.

Accidents can be avoided by safe handling.

Participants: Amandeep Singh, Ankit Verma

Name of the School: Dayanand Public School, Shimla

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