CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “ Various Methods to Reduce the Effect of Earthquake.” Theme “Disaster Management” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Various Methods to Reduce the Effect of Earthquake.


Theme Name : Disaster Management



It is a project showing the various techniques of base isolation which will help to overcome the effect of earthquake on the houses by coupling the forces.

It also uses a technique of sliding the base which prevents the breaching of houses due to the imbalance in state of rest or motion.
Using very simple technique of Physics that equal and opposite forces cancel each other in a round house.

Seismic Damper

Bricks‟ with base isolation

Tuned mass damper

Round House and Bamboo house

Sliding isolation

Reinforced steel and concrete

Participant: Archana Gupta, Adyasha Panigrahi

Name of the School: Modern Public School, Balasore Odisha

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