CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Wind Energy” Theme “Natural Resource & their Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Wind Energy

Theme Name : Natural Resource & their Conservation

Objective/Aim: To convert wind energy into electric energy by using wind mill.

Scientific Principle involved: To generated electric current by bowing of wind from vehicles on national highway by using small wind electric system.

Materials required:

(a) Turbines

(b) Towers

(c) Balance of system components

Working investigation/findings: On national highways so many vehicles move, which produce tremendous amount of wind. With the help of small blades (turbines) we can generate electric energy by sing such wind.

Unique features of the exhibit: It is economic compared to solar panel and its maintenance is easy. The proposal would involve mounting horizontal wind turbines above the roadway that would be driven by the moving air generated by the passing traffic. The electricity generated by spinning the turbines could be fed back into the grid. Joe’s analysis indicates that based on vehicles speeds of 70 mph each turbine could produce 9,600 Kwh per year.

Applications in different domains of life: Stored energy can be used in Commercial complexs, Street light and signal, Small scale industries, Educational institutions and hostels, Hospital, Hotel and resorts,

Further scope of the exhibit/project:

(a) In future by using wind comes from vehicles, we can make to move electric trains.

(b) We can supply electric current to small villages which located near to national highways.

(c) We can supply current in tunnels, underground path of the city

Name of the School: Sri Rajeshwari Vidyaniketan, Gadag, Karnataka.

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