CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “ Wonder Parking” Theme “ Mathematics in Everyday Life” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Wonder Parking


Theme Name : Mathematics in Everyday Life



Wonder Parking: A multistory hollow cylindrical parking developed in order to conserve our limited resource i.e. land, keeping in mind the present scenario of vast population. Such a parking lot utilizes minimum amount of land area and maximum vertical space. The shape of the parking has been taken as a cylinder because-

1) It provides symmetry about its line of axis.

2) Having large volume thus parking space for large number of cars.

3) It can be equally divided into desired number of parts (sectors).

Different shapes of mathematics can be used to overcome complexities and various hindrances in our development. Rather this parking is costlier as compared to our regular rectangular parking but this can be restored as: the land saved by cylindrical parking can be cultivated leading to production. This production restores the increased cost and hence, proves to be best alternative of our regular parking. We have constructed this parking with an idea of spreading such parking all over the country, and with a hope that this will be now constructed in more of the areas for conserving our land. – Mother Earth.

Name of the School: TATA Chem DAV Public School, Babrala (UP)


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