CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “ Working Investigation/Findings” Theme “ Mathematics Modelling” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Working Investigation/Findings


Theme Name : Mathematics Modelling


Model (A):

1. All the heavenly bodies are spherical in shape

2. All the planets are revolving around the sun in an elliptical orbit
i,e. Path of all planets is elliptical.

3. Rotation of the Venus is clockwise where as the rotation of other planet is counter clockwise and rotation of Uranus is rolling like ball making 1800 angle with its orbital plane.

4. Both Saturn and Jupiter has rings



5. The asteroid belt is in between mars and Jupiter

6. Pluto is dwarf planet

7. Application of Kepler’s three laws of planetary motion in the model i.e. law of ellipses, law of equal areas, law of harmonies

Working Investigation/Findings of the Model (B):

1. Inclination of the earth is 23.5 degree to its orbital plane

2. Eclipses occur 2-5 times a year not in every month.

3. The correct order of Sun, Earth Moon in lunar eclipse lineup is: Sun, Earth Moon

4. The correct order of Sun, Earth Moon in solar eclipse lineup is: Sun, Moon Earth

5. The Earth & Sun are in 1 orbit plane, & the Earth & Moon are indifferent orbit plane

Utility and further scope of the project:

1. Will recognize and learn about the planets and their positions in space.

2. Will compile a Solar System demonstrating the physical characteristics of the Sun and the nine planets. Research skills will be introduced and utilized through individual planet reports.

3. Students will understand the processes and interactions of the earth’s systems and the structure and dynamics of Earth and other objects in solar system

4. Students will understand the interrelationships among science, technology, and human activity and how they affect the world

5. Will give further ideas to find the appearance of extra terrestrial beings.

6. Can utilize the knowledge of this model to form a planetarium.

Name of the School: Modern English School, Karaput, Odisha.


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