CBSE Science Fair Exhibition Project, “Zero Energy Buildings in India” Theme “Natural Resource & their Conservation” for Class 9, Class 10 and 12

Project Name : Zero Energy Buildings in India

Theme Name : Natural Resource & their Conservation

Aim: To prove the relevance of autonomous energy generation on site along with natural resources and energy conservation throughHVAC and passive systems, i.e. Net zero energy concept in India.

Scientific Principle: Passive systems, HVAC, photo-voltaic and wind power generation, gray water recycling, energy conservations through insulation and green roofing, usage of energy efficient devices.

Material Used: Solar panels, acrylic (plastics), wood, glass, steel, paint, wires, foam, LED’s, concrete, sand filter layers


The project on Net – Zero turned out to be successful. the concept of net zero is a viable one but our downscale calculations show that perfect net zero is still not very achievable but can be approximated to a great extent.

Solar panel costs have reduced by 72% over a period of 7 years (2005-12). Only 4% of the global area needs to tapped for solar energy to fuel the entire world.

HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditions Systems) like insulation of wall and glass, help conserve power by reducing total heat loss and maintaining an average temperature at all times.

Wind energy contributes to 1.6% of overall power generated and has great potential for development over large area in India.

Energy saving devices, especially LEDs, help reduce our energy consumption and have a longer lifespan, ensuring that over a period of time we have to spend lesser on electricity as well as on actually buying them. They are becoming more pre – dominant in markets today.

Gray water recycling aims to substantially reduce our water consumption by a mechanical filter for reuse in non – contact activities like irrigation, toiletry and cooling.

Utility and Further Scope: At the present rates of fuel consumption, global warming and pollution, the concept of Net Zero Energy will be a very viable solution to high electricity and fossil fuel costs and the need for a clean energy revolution. Awareness must be spread to make people realize the necessity of such a style of living in the future. They must be assured that though the initial costs are high, it will repay itself through savings within a few years and then only profits follows.

Name of the School: Indian School, Al-Ghubra, Muscat, Sutanet of Oman.


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