Earthquakes Essay for Students, Short essay 260 words.

Earthquakes Essay

Earthquakes Essay


Like floods and famines, earthquakes are also great natural calamities for the humans. They also cause heavy loss of life and property. Till some decades ago, the earthquake used to signify the wrath of God or the deities. But now the scientists have found the real cause. It is caused by a series of expansions and contractions in the bowels of the earth. It is also often caused by the volcanic action in a region.

So earthquakes are common in volcanic and mountainous regions. Now the scientists have also determined the scale to judge the intensity of an earthquake. This scale is known as the Richter Scale known after the name of the scientist Richter who devised it. Now an instrument called Seismograph is also developed to measure the intensity. Many similar instruments and devises have also been developed to not only measure the intensity of an earthquake but even to forewarn it.

Man is really helpless against the terrific power and fury of earthquakes. But sometimes these earthquakes also help mankind by bringing out the submerged part of a river or sea. Kerosene and mineral oils, are the result of the huge forest of trees and other vegetation submerged during the devastating earthquakes in prehistoric times.

By getting forewarning the damage to life and property can be reduced but earthquakes cannot be eliminated. Any remedy for the complete prevention of earthquakes is nowhere in sight with all our advancement in science and technology. Humanity, therefore, will have to learn to live with earthquakes for a long time to come. Man is, indeed, helpless against nature.

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